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George - Virginia

I discovered this website through my wife. She is big into paranormal and metaphysics. I was having a rough time with my career, got laid off, was about to lose my house, so I said "you know what, why not?" I gave Tena a shot and she really showed me how you can create your own path. She showed me many different ways of doing things and her readings were spot on. I now talk to her atleast once every few months. She is my rock.

Krissy - Massachusetts

Tena is now my spirit animal. She has taught me so much about my mind, about meditation and about reading the universe and the signs it shows you. I have been able to turn my life around. I was a struggling addict for a while and her energy and love turned my life around. I love you Tena with all of my heart. Give her a shot, you will love her!

Ben - Salem

All I can say is WOW. Thank you Tena. There are no words to describe the magic you bring...The love you show, it changed my life. I see the world through different eyes. If you are sitting here now wondering where your life is heading and what to do, like I was, think no more. Just call Tena. You will thank me later.

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Mario- Connecticut

I made an appointment sat down and had a spiritual energy reading, Tena helped me with with trying to get my career in order, it truly was the best decision I ever made.


Vanessa - Marlboro NJ

Heard about Tena and gypsy tearoom through a friend...she said she’s fun and I should try it, I called and booked a tarot card. It was about an hour but fun and really helped...I would do it again!



got a few friends together and booked Tena from Gypsy tea room, for tarot cards and palm readings she was great best part of the get together, definitely a must do so much fun

Alice-New York

I had issues with an ex-boyfriend. We kept in contact with each other but I wasn’t over him I had questions as to why, I found Tena & the Gypsy Tearoom through advertisments. I booked a spiritual energy reading and Tena was really kind and great. The reading helped me to look into myself and when the session was over I had so much cleared up for me and it really helped me move on. If you are planning to visit Tena & the gypsy Tearoom, it’s really worth it! Thank you!


My girlfriend saw Tena first with her friends at a party...they all had readings, I wasn’t sleeping good and work was stressing me girlfriend told me about her and that I should go see her. I wasn’t into that kind of stuff - never believed in it and told her NO...but after a couple of weeks I gave in and asked for Tena’s contact info. I called and she was really polite & remembered my girlfriend. She and I talked about what reading was best for me, and I went over to see her. It was an interesting afternoon with many questions and I was happy to say I received answers. Since then a lot has worked out for me - I'm sleeping much better, work has been great and Tena helped bring clarity back to my life and I am now engaged to my girlfriend, and yes I do go back to Tena regularly! So if you are wondering if you should go and have a reading at the Gypsy Tearoom, the answer is a huge yes! I am now learning so much about metaphysics and how there is so much more to this world than I ever thought. Thank you Tena! I love you!

Tera-New Jersey

I went to Tena & the Gypsy Tearoom
I had the full deck tarot card reading, I really
Like it and would do it again.


I met Tena through her website I called her and we had a discussion she gave me me info on what reading I should have and what would fit me, it was simple and she was great !


I really like Tena so sweet and kind and a great tarot card reader & psychic!


Found gypsy tearoom on google talked to Tena , I need to know about work and she helped with that, I will call again


I’ve been dating a guy for a while... I didn’t know if we were soulmates or just good together for the moment. Everything seemed right but I wanted some answers about our relationship. I saw an ad about Gypsy Tearoom so I decided why not? I met Tena the owner, she was so nice! I had a spiritual energy reading to help look into what my relationship was really about. Tena was super great, took the time to answer my questions and much more, I’ve been seeing her ever since.

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Mandy- Ma

Tena is a wonderful and beautiful soul and is totally in tune with nature and the metaphysical side of this world we live in. She will help you with things you had no idea about. Give her a try! Thank you Tena! 

Johnathan- CT

I loved everything she did for me. I will be coming back for more readings for sure! I suggest giving her a call and getting to know her!

Andrew- Maine

Beautiful soul. Made me feel at peace right away. I recently lost a loved one and she really helped me come to peace. I now realize there are worlds behind this world. Different frequencies we all live in. It is amazing! Thank you!

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